Step 1: Choose a wristband...currently 3 stylish bands to choose from
Step 2: Pick a charity...$1 goes to the charity of your choice
Step 3: Wear it with pride or give the perfect atheist gift...let others know that it's OK to be an atheist & it's OK to talk about it!

Band of Atheists: Who are we?

We simply make wristbands that allow everyday atheists to express their beliefs. We hope to encourage atheists to begin to talk more openly about their beliefs so that atheism may one day be as widely accepted as the various religious beliefs that have been woven into the fabric of modern society.

Why donate to charity?

We donate $1 from every wristband sold, to a secular or non-religious charity or good cause that helps make the world a better place to live. We do this not because it is written in an ancient rule book, but to help out our fellow human. We also hope that positive actions untertaken by a group or band of atheists will help to give atheists a better name, and show people that you don't need a god to be good.

Don’t like our bands?

Then LIKE us on facebook, where you can suggest new quotes and stay updated with our new releases and specials!

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